Volunteer work gives you an excellent opportunity to witness first-hand the challenges faced by communities in the developing world. It arms you with skills, that can be put to use in many fields and provides you with unrivaled experience and memories you will keep for the rest of your life.

Working with a local organization, like SkillsPlus Uganda, combines the altruism of volunteer work with insight into the local communities and their way of life. It allows you to truly experience the community based society as opposed to the fast paced, individualized and stress filled western lifestyle. Such work is a chance to feel the appreciation of the local population and witness the change your contribution, however small it may seem to you, can make for the less fortunate. It is an experience with mutual benefit, as it gives you another perspective from which to observe the ever-evolving world around you.

SkillsPlus Uganda, since its establishment in 2006, has strived to bridge the gap between desired prosperity and the problem-affected reality many of the locals face. The challenges it undertakes are many. They range from providing basic education for the youngest in need, to empowering disadvantaged adult members of society. Those programmes include:

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  • Education
  • Community outreach programmes
  • Computer training
  • Tailoring and sewing training
  • HIV/AIDS counseling
  • Fuel briquette production

Empowerment of the community with any skills that can be put to use

Skills Plus Uganda: Empowering the community with quality sustainable skills