Volunteers are provided with everything needed throughout their stay, including Airport Pick Up, Introduction to the local area, exchanging money, getting a local sim card,  accommodation, food, workspace, assistance to visit a doctor when getting sick and 24/7 support from our local staff

Accommodation is provided in a safe and clean local host family, 10 minutes walk from other SbedkillsPlus facilities, complete with running water, sanitary equipment. If a volunteer prefers to stay in a local guesthouse, this can also be arranged. All beds are fitted with mosquito nets for protection against mosquito’s. Fresh bed sheets are provided weekly. You can wash your own clothes by hand, or ask one of the family members to do this for you for a small fee.

Volunteers receive three meals a day, cooked by the local family allowing them to taste the local specialties and eliminating the possibility of food-related infections.

The local staff is very kind and will gladly guide you around and help you overcome any language or cultural barriers you might run into. All of them are experienced in solving social issues and are knowledgeable of the needs of foreigners. Typically volunteers spend about one weeks on so-called ‘orientation’, where they learn about local customs, we introduce them to Luganda/ Lusoga language and in general we show them how the things are going around. As well on your first day of arrival we will assist you in exchanging money, getting a local phone number, show you around the town, and explain how the local public transport works. So as a volunteer you can feel comfortable and safe right from the beginning of their stay, which is a continuous process.


Skills Plus, Uganda  is a local, non-profit, non-governmental organization without regular funding. This is one of the reasons why we are asking for a placement fee. With the money you pay we pay our host families, keep our projects running, and we can give you all the support you need during your stay.

We also request our volunteers to fundraise for the project that one is going to implement during his volunteer work.  As we only have a small budget to work from and you might want to do lots of things while you are here. Fundraising before you come will optimize your experience, and gives you opportunities to do anything you want to help to community while you are here.


Our projects cost for 2 weeks are:   

Organization cost:           €240

Arrival package:              €160

Weekly Cost:                    €100     

Total                               €500


As Skills Plus Uganda is a local organization and is not making enough money to get round, the organization cost will be used to pay staff, have them ready 24/7 for emergencies,  run our projects and keep Skills Plus Uganda going and provide you with some basic materials for your project.


The arrival package includes your airport pick up, introduction to your local area, cultural training and the support from our staff to make you feel welcome and at ease.


The weekly cost will go to your host family, to make sure you get 3 meals a day, enough safe drinking water, electricity and water you use can be paid.

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–          Airport pick up

–          Accommodation

–          Introduction

–          24/7 support from our local staff

–          Project fee

–          3 meals a day

–          Safe drinking water


–          Insurance

–          Flight tickets

–          Sim card and local phone

Skills Plus Uganda: Empowering the community with quality sustainable skills