The Leads Nursery School was established in 2007 by two volunteers from the UK Shirin and Heather. With their donation a temporally structure for the Nursery school  was set up. (Leeds Nursery and Day Care School) As well a playground was built by East African Playgrounds for the community and the Nursery school. At this time the Nursery school is still running and many kids have joined, and the numbers are still  growing. However, most children are vulnerable and their parents struggle paying their school fees and are in need of support. At Leads Nursery School they are offered proper education for a lower cost, so the children can still go to school and are not looking at a hopeless future.

During the regular school terms volunteers can assist teaching and organize activities for the children. Especially Educational activities, play full learning, drama and singing are highly appreciated by the children and teachers.

IMG_1223 (Medium)During the holidays volunteers can organize with support from our staff a holiday school, full of fun and educational activities.


Our vision is providing people with quality and affordable education and skills. That starts at the youngest members of society, which are offered affordable or free education at Leads Nursery School.


Volunteer info

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Developing of training and learning materials
  • Teaching the kidsIMG_1224 (Medium)
  • Socializing with children and their parents
  • Developing the skills of teachers


Volunteers are required to have:

  • Interest in teaching (skills in teaching is a pre)
  • Ability to work as a team
  • High level of personal initiative and maturity
  • Commitment to community development and empowerment
  • Ability to assist with monitoring and evaluation of current program – either as part of a long-term research program or as a one-off evaluation of a specific course
  • Knowledge to design training materials
  • Interest and/or experience in working with rural communities and marginalized children
  • Interested in organizing educational/playful activities for the kids


Support needed

In the years the number of kids have grown at the nursery school. As well good education after the nursery school is hard to find or very expensive. The nursery school will need an extension of their building, so the children can be properly divided in different classroom and a P1 section can be started.

As well proper materials for the kids to play with is necessary to develop their skills. Due to a lack of toys, creative arts materials this is very hard.

Further you can as well sponsor a child to go to school. Please see our donation and fundraising page.


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