This was the first program to be implemented by the organization since it’s inception on  1st October 2006 with one computer and five computer live wares, by the middle of the year the, number had slightly increased and the organization was able to buy the second computer. During holiday Picture 223 (Medium)season the number of students often increases as students need to acquire computer experience as they have been taught IT at school, but they often don’t have computers there.


The program aims at introducing information technology to rural people. Prior knowledge about computers is NOT required to apply for a computer course at SkillsPlus Uganda. Therefore volunteers are not required to be IT professionals. Using of computers is thought from introduction to the degree which is agreed between volunteer, SkillsPlus staff and students. At the moment Skills Plus Uganda is starting up a new computer lab, please be aware that at this point there are only 3 computers, and we are trying the get more computer asap.

Some of the programs thought include:

  • Introduction to computer concepts
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft WordPicture 241 (Medium)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Using the internet
  • Blog writing
  • Web designing
  • Others, if software is available


Skills Plus, Uganda has skilled tutors or instructor that imparts computer skills from scratch. This program offers free typing lessons, flexible learning hours from Monday to Sunday and ample time for practice. Computer courses can be undertaken as whole or in part, depending on the requirements of the client. A certificate is then awarded thereafter.  Learners pay a small management fee or user’s fee to maintain the program and this is seen below;



For sustainability of this program, we normally charge a small fee for those who come to get computer training from our centre as shown below:





1. Introduction 1 week 13000/=
2. Ms windows 2 weeks 27000/=
3. Ms word 2 weeks 30000/=
4. Ms Excel 2 weeks 30000=
5. Ms Publisher 2 weeks 30000/=
6. Ms Access 2 weeks 30000/=
7. Ms Power Point 2 weeks 30000/=
8. Adobe pager maker 2 weeks 30000=
9. Ms out look 2 weeks 30000/=
10. Adobe photo shop 2 weeks 30000/=
11. Internet 2 weeks 30000/=
12 Web designing 3 months 300,000/=
13. Accounting programs

(Tally, quick books etc)

2 months 150,000/=
14. Blog building 1 month 100000/=
15. Etc





Volunteer info

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Developing of training and learning materials
  • Teaching computer skills
  • Developing the skills of teachers
  • If experienced, maintenance of computers

P1230745 (Medium)

Volunteers are required to have:

  • Interest in teaching (skills in teaching is a pre)
  • Ability to work as a team
  • High level of personal initiative and maturity
  • Commitment to community development and empowerment
  • Ability to assist with monitoring and evaluation of current program – either as part of a long-term research program or as a one-off evaluation of a specific course
  • Knowledge to design training materials
  • Interest and/or experience in working with rural communities
  • Interested in teaching computers skills



Due to the weather in Uganda, very hot and dusty, a lot of computers break down easily. As well not always to be able to have good firewalls and virus scanners, this effects the computers a lot too.

Therefor at the moment the number of computers is two. The aim is to have at least 20 computers by the ending of 2016 and as well too have a full run computer café with wifi etc. So it can be runned as a internet café, as well as a IT training center. Once the internet Café has been established as well local schools can come and teach their students IT behind a computer, instead just the theory.


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