3 December 2016

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Today was for the Daycare center the End of the year party. The children would perform for their parents some dancing and songs, and all could enjoy a nice meal and a soda.

For next year (January 2017) we are still looking for Sponsors. So we can send some of the kids that graduate to Primary School. Please consider to send a child to school for not even 5 euro’s a month!!


30 November 2016

The first steps have been made to set up a new group of ‘woman empowerment’. This group will benefit woman in the town of bugembe, and will help to generate an income, learn them how to use money, how to save money, and how to sustain it.


28 November

The day care of skills plus also have received donations. Thanks to many people they have received toys, coloring pencils etc.

See the pictures down, for the kids using the coloring pencils to do their school exercises.

On the 3rd of December the schools will be closing for the ending of the year. There will be a small party for the kids and their parents. Some of the children should be going to the primary school, but don’t have the funds. Please consider the sponsor a child, and help them go to school!!





November 5th 2016

The first donations have been done.


Picture up: All kids have been given new outfits. The kids want to save their clothes for Christmas, as they think they look amazing!

Picture down: every child has received a pen, so they have proper writing materials for at school.



This lady is expecting twins. She has been given some baby clothes, so she is prepared for when the children will arrive. Also other baby clothes have been given out to some other mothers .

I have spoken to some of the children and some of the moms. A big thank you to all of you that have donated clothes and pens!!


Op deze pagina zullen wij onze voortgang bij houden.

Op 1 November 2016 zal mijn man weer richting Oeganda gaan. Daarom zijn we op het moment bezig met het inzamelen van materialen voor schoolgaande kinderen, zoals pennen, schriften, tassen etc,

Verder zijn we knutsel materialen aan het inzamelen voor de Peuterspeelzaal.

Ook hebben we geld bij elkaar gekregen, en wij zullen dit in oeganda zelf uitgeven. Van al ons werk in Oeganda zullen we foto’s maken, en u via deze weg of via Facebook op de hoogte houden,.

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