Whitney BarbiryeIMG_1088

Meet grandmother Whitney Babirye and granddaughter Nabisubi Olivia (7)(in the red dress). Olivia has sickle sell disease, and needs often medical care. Olivia her dad is not a responsible man, and is not taking care of her, or Olivia her mom. Olivia her mom, and grandmother Whitney both don’t have jobs, but would love to work. Mom is interested in her own mobile money business. As well at this point they are finding it hard to pay Olivia her schools fees and scholastic materials.

Her wish for the future

“To have capital to set up a business and take care of the family and live a happy life without hardship”



Meet Mother Juliet, her baby sister and her son Ryan (3). Juliet is a single mom, and together with her mother she has been taking care of her son, and her baby sister. At the moment she is trying to finish a computer course, so she knows how to use a computer.

She would like to work in a Saloon, and set up her own business so she can take her son to school

Her wish for the future

“That she can send her son the school and finishes his education”




Meet grandmother Zamu (60) and her grandson Hak Kitakule (6). Hak his parents both died two years ago, and he has been living with his grandmother ever since. At the moment Hak is enrolled in government education UPE (Universal Primary Education), but his grandma IMG_1082cannot provide Hak with the Scholastic Materials he will need to be allowed into the classroom.

Grandma Zamu was having a business before, but since her daughter died, she has struggled to keep it going. She would like to start her business again in selling clothes.


Her wish for the future:

“To set up a business and home for her grandson Hak”


Nalu Kisubu

Meet dad Nalu Kisubu (30) and his daughter Jalia (5). The mother of jalia left her and her dad 2 years ago, and Nalu has been a single dad ever since. Nalu has been a barber, but wasn’t able to send up his own business. At the moment jalia goes to nursery school,IMG_1093 but Dad Nalu is not sure for how long he can send her, as he has difficulties paying the school fees, feeding her, and paying rent.

His wish for the future:

“I never finished my education, so I wish to educate my daughter, to get a job myself, and get my own place where I can live with her”


And so we have at least 10 more families that need our and your help! Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in fostering a child or family!!!


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